Hi!  I’m a 22 year old Singer/Songwriter/Musician that performs throughout New Jersey & New York at premier locations and events.  It’s been fantastic to meet so many great people while performing at these events.  

Released my first album “Crazy on the Inside” when I was 17. It’s on Spotify, Amazon Music, AppleMusic, ITunes and most all streaming services and you can check it out here and download it!  

I’m currently a Headliner at the Crystal Springs Cabaret.  Love playing with multi-Grammy winner Hernan Romero there! Shows sell out most weekends, make reservations early!!

I’m in school with a music Major, but still performing at Crystal Cabaret, Corporate events, Weddings and Music Festivals while I work through school. 

Most recently I have joined the amazing Band Gypsy, one of the country’s top Fleetwood Mac tribute bands. The band is currently touring the Northeast, check out the bands website for schedule and tickets. I love playing with these great musicians and you will love the show!

This year, so many great things happening musically! Got a call from Joe Germanatto, he saw a video of me and asked me to play his restaurant in NYC. Was cool to see him recording me singing some of his daughters songs…..Joe is Lady Gaga’s Dad!

I just played the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center..So Cool!

CSR Music Festival was crazy and the Andie Baldwin Band rocked!! Anxious for next year, don’t miss it!

CD’s and really cool T-shirts are now available in mens and woman’s sizes. When you buy these you help me pay for College and get a cool shirt! Thank you!

Hope to see you all out at a future performance! 


Click the link to check out the Album - https://youtu.be/8MnJOZArtlA


 Click theLinks to Live Performances tab up top to hear and see me


For any inquiries or to book an event  -  starfoxx7ab@gmail.com