New EP is OUT!

Available for download at iTunes and right here. Also streaming on Spotify, Pandora and most streaming services.

Just wrapped up a couple of months in the studio with a great producer Don Sternecker at Mixolydian. I also can't thank Harry, Caleb and Pete enough for their fantastic work on this EP, these guys are great musicians!

Crazy On The Inside

Andie Baldwin

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Recorded at Mixolydian Studio's, Vocals by Andie Baldwin Piano and Keyboards by Andie Baldwin, Music and Lyrics by Andie Baldwin, Lyrics by Zach Brounstein, Sound Engineer was Don Sternecker, Produced by Don Sternecker and Andie Baldwin. Guitars- Harry Noble, Bass- Pater Lister and Drums- Caleb Estes Download here. Also available on iTunes, and streaming on Spotify, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, Pandora and most services.

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